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Mastering Push-ups

I find push-ups are a common goal for people who are starting out in fitness. So many members I see come in use poor technique or barely move their arms when doing push-ups that they never gain the proper range of motion or strength required. In this video I give some progressions and regressions...See more

Survivor 2016

Check out a video from our Survivor Fitness Program. This program includes lectures on Mobility and Nutrition while you compete against others in friendly competition to come out as the lone Survivor. Survivor Winter coming in February 2017! And of course Survivor Fall in the Fall of 2017.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 29 - Lower Body Flow

Lower Body Flow movement to warm up your knees, hips, ankles, etc.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 28 - Cobra Walkout

A great spine mobilization exercise to work into your routine. People never forget spinal flexion - but often spinal extension isn't worked on. Give it a try for better spine health. #soldiersoffitnessottawa #spinehealth #cobrawalkoutSee more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 27 - Cat and Cow

A great mobility movement for your spine. Take your time with it. If you move too fast it doesn't target individual vertebrae.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 26 - Obstacle Course Training

Here is one of the workouts I do in preparation for an Obstacle Course Race. While running is the most important component, grip strength and your ability to carry load and balance is also important.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 25 - Shoulder Clocks

Shoulder clocks are a great way to increase mobility and flexibility in the shoulder joint. Use these often to keep your shoulders healthy and functioning at full capacity.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 24 - Lunges in Detail

A more in depth discussion of the lunge and the mechanics involved.See more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 23 - Kettle Bell One Arm Swing and Spin

An interesting and fun variation for kettle bell one arm swing. Start with a lighter weight to practice and one arm swing into a spin and then catch with the other hand (or same hand). Great for wrist and forearm strength and mobility and hand-eye coordinationSee more

Soldiers of Fitness Video Series 22 - Transverse Kettle Bell Swing

An exercise I called the transverse kettle bell swing that adds rotation into the hinge movement. Meant to be done with a light weight to promote proper spinal position when rotating and hinging.See more