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Fit Family Kids Ages 8+

Finally, a solution to your training needs. The Fit Family program is available for your kids only, or for you and your kids to train and learn together. When you have kids, it's tough to fit training into your schedule. You try to balance giving your kids the skills and resources they will need to be successful in life, often at the cost of your own goals and fitness. With our Fit Family program, you can train with your kids. While in this program you won't experience heavy lifts, you will get to train in many aspects of fitness just as your kids are, including basic movements, gymnastics and more. Build confidence in yourself and give your son or daughter the gift of the mind of a soldier - unshakable, tenacious, athletic and functional. Everyone will learn to work together, share the workload and be the best they can be.

Our goal with this program is to bring families closer, teach kids the fundamentals of team work and basic motor skills, and turn the whole family into more healthy and fit individuals. If your child is shy, it's not a problem. Until they get to know other kids in the class they can stay with you and do the movements beside you. Some classes parents and kids will work together, other classes they will be separated into different stations.

For this class parents must be accompanied by a child less than 16 years old (16 and above are welcome to attend the adult classes together) and more than 8 years old. You aren't required to train with your kids so if you're feeling ill or have some errands to run, you're welcome to head out and come back for them after the class (as long as we can reach you on a cell phone).

Classes will include a combination of any of the following:
1. General movements (push-ups, sit-ups, squats)
2. Gymnastics (ring pull-ups, ring traverse, cartwheels)
3. Agility (ladders, cones, box jumps, balance boards)
4. Team work drills (tire pull, farmer’s carry)
5. Running (short distance in a loop or from station to station)
6. Bouldering (rock climbing up a low wall), Monkey Bars, rope climbing and more!


Kids booking and pricing policies:

·         The Fit Family pricing package can be found on here:

·         Kids are required to book in 12 hours prior to the class but can optionally book in 30 days in advance (classes are subject to availability and based on a first come, first serve basis).

·         Cancelations window is 24 hours. If you cancel with less than 24 hours you lose one of the classes.