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This Week's Recipe

This week for our Friday mission, members got to taste a No Bake Energy Ball.

Before I get into the recipe, I want to acknowledge everyone and their efforts. If I had a word of the day, today it would be pride. The mission this morning was tough and had more than a few unexpected twists and turns. Yet the team came together, worked their butts off and kept morale high. At any point frustration or fatigue could have caused any single person to stop, but the team kept pushing hard for each other. Rossman is a new candidate in charge of her first mission and she did awesome and was cool with the role. Her attitude of, "it's okay, I'm learning," is inspiring. Yesterday during music class Ross busted moves I didn't know she had and we all laughed and cheered - were we exercising? My body killed the calories but my brain didn't notice.

Here is the lesson: if you get to a point in your life when you are feeling down or upset and it keeps beating you up, turn to the people that will put a spark in your life - not the people that will pat you on the shoulder and say, "that's terrible, I understand"; but the people that will say "Rise up, and let's go crush this mission!"

SOF is full of incredible members that I am very proud to be the leader of.


Now for the recipe (Credit All Recipies -