Are you so far away from your goals they seem impossible? I've been there | SOF

Are you so far away from your goals they seem impossible? I've been there

It's easy to look at an athlete and decide they are genetically gifted. You might think they grew up in the right family with the right education, so it was "easy" for them to get where they are. Or you might think they had a mental mindset that just isn't in you.

I've been told many times that I'm fortunate to have run an ultramarathon or competed in an eight-hour overnight obstacle race because a lot of people don't have my body type or good knees. People have told me that it takes a certain mental mindset to be able to do it and those people are born with it. If only you were born with that mindset too - wait, you were. I saw where I was and I changed my life with hard, regular daily work. You might see the end result or hear about a race or see me demonstrate something and think it's outside your abilities - but at one point it was outside my abilities too.

I have shared the attached picture to show you that I have been in a bad place in my life. I was leaner in this picture but I did get up to 245lbs. I have stretch marks that will forever remind me of where I began. In fact, I spent a lot of my young adulthood in that place. I was lazy, unmotivated, ungifted and missing something in my life and I fed that emptiness with food. I told myself that I was a bodybuilder and I was strong, that's why I carried so much weight and didn't move well. And in a way it was true - I was very strong and I did cut down once for a bodybuilding competition to lean out as much as I could. Then I went right back to being fat because it was easy - because I was missing an essential human need and in those days that need was being fed with food.

Before you decide to say I am an anomaly, remember that we are all anomalies. We can choose to be whoever we want to be. And I am an example of someone who made that choice and changed his life and have kept it that way for many years. I would not let my children grow up and see their dad as an overweight, lazy man with nothing but excuses - when I had children I was going to be more for them than that. I would be the example - because I know what leadership by example means. I teach it every day. I will never be a grandpa who can't move well or whose lower back is destroyed because he didn't take care of himself - I'll be on those monkey bars with my grandkids and I'll teach them how to move well and it will take an act of God to stop me.

I give daily talks on mental or physical mindset in my classes. I started with the nutrition contest in the hopes that you could adopt the same mental mindset that I used to change my life. Now every day I give talks before, during and/or after my classes in hopes that one of those talks might resonate with you. I've opened a 30-day goals book for those attending classes and I give members strategies to get to where they want to go in manageable steps. The more you attend the more I check in with how your goals are coming and give you more strategies to succeed.

I believe anyone is capable of incredible things. If you could only use the tools you have available to you to make the changes that you need to. I'll do everything I can do to help you find the same success that I've found, and you don't need to run an ultramarathon to prove it - you just have to be driven to reach whatever your personal goals are.

Some classes will be a lot of fun. Some classes will be a great time and fantastic workout. And then there are classes that you will be proud of because they kicked your ass so badly that you wanted to quit but you kept on going anyway. Those mental classes are the ones that really teach you that you are capable of anything. They are important mind lessons. I don't do those crazy tough classes too often, but I do put them out there and it's up to you to meet the challenge and be driven to see it to the end.

When you conquer your mind, your body and heart will follow and you will find success.

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